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Where do you search for used boats?

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So where does everyone like to look for used boats? Any preferences or suggestions? Also, any suggestions about good institutions for boat loans?

I belong to a few credit unions, that is where I will probably start. Need to look at all of my options, terms, rates, etc to keep my payment reasonable.

Once you get over 28', and into twins, 10'+ beams, etc. the price starts to increase significantly.
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Well, of course and boattrader, iboats, craigslist.....

Whatever you do, make sure you check it out thoroughly, and SERIOUSLY consider a professional survey or take someone who is knowledgeable about boats and boat problems to give you an unbiased eye. They may spot things that you should know about but that don't really affect the sale, and they might spot things that you would have paid dearly for later down the road. Either way, you will be a much better informed buyer!!

What are you looking for? size? type? age? pristine or project or somewhere in between?
Places I usually search for boats,

As far as financing Credit Unions are pretty good,

120 month baloon loan
180 month terms
@ 6.5% - 7.0%
price $40,000
monthly pymt.$300
insurance: $300 yr.

Good luck!
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I will definitely be getting a survey.

In general, I have started my search in the mid to late 90's and around 30'. Our main points of interest are getting into a wider beam boat and A/C. We like to entertain and as much cockpit space as possible.

I am trying to figure out affordability right now as there are a lot of factors. Our last boat was a 27' on a trailer so storage and dockage were reasonably cheap. I am trying to consider everything, dockage, storage, winterization, fuel consumption (trying to avoid big blocks).

I am taking all of this into consideration. Then there is my wife, she wants as big as possible, and "Nice".
I believe that a 10 foot beam puts you into "non-trailer" teritory.

Late in the season you can find cheap wells for the rest of the season.
Credit Union One gets my vote for financing. Both my father and I have our boat loans with them. Credit Union One has several branches local and they offered 20yr with a 5yr balloon or fixed 15yr notes for our boats. This was 3 yrs ago, but I think my interest rate was around 6%. I dont get picky over tenths or quarter percent as I do over service and flexability. Most credit unions should be able to offer similar loans.
QUOTE(Stodge @ Aug 7 2009, 12:24 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I believe that a 10 foot beam puts you into "non-trailer" teritory.

Late in the season you can find cheap wells for the rest of the season.

Yeah, with the trailer I could store inland indoors for about $450. Now we will be switching over to outdoor wrapped storage.
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