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well, the only help i can give you is to park closest to the main seawall in the main lot, and fish between the pavillion and the harbor master, there is a bend in the canal by the pavillion.
i used to fish there all the time, only problem is the bathroom is not too close.
caught some nice perch, bass, both largemouth and small, lots of silver bass, bluegill and the occasional catfish.
there are alot of sheephead and carp, but come on, they are fun!!!
just have to make sure the rod doesnt get pulled out of his hand, i know i have had that happen...

good luck, i usually just use a bobber right next the seawall with just a hook, split shot and half a crawler..
i also cast a line out to the middle of the canal, but cant do that with heavy boat traffic.

the other place i did well at is where the cars with trailers park, occasionally you can park there when there not busy.
go to the opposite side from where the launch is and there is a nice place where rocks meet seawall..
same kind of fish, but there is also the ever friendly bowfin.... and we all know how much fun they are, they will eat anything..

good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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