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Where's Doug?

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I haven't heard much from Doug P. on this board in ages. No talk of the trail(s) or anything else? I tried his email months ago, with no response. Anybody know what's up with the Dougster?? The season is not that far way (a least that's what I keep telling myself )
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Doug is around...really

Actually Doug has been working his tail off now to free time for us in the summer. I will be trying to call him later today and will let you know what is up with him!

Hey Vic,

Mini was correct, working every hour possible to ensure the trail lives. I've been working at BPS and delivering pies. I'm going to try and get somewhat of a normal schedule now that Christmas is over. Yesterday, it was made clear that there would be no more overtime. This equates to 40 hours a week and two days off.

I haven't been on the web in many weeks, when I get home I am plum tuckered out. Working at Bass Pro isn't the problem, it's the drive! It almost took me two hours to get home yesterday, this combined with the hour and 10 min. to get there really stinks.

It was bought to my attention that the schedule isn't reading correctly on my site and as soon as I get more than a weeks advanced notice of a day off I will try and get with Marc and we will get it to look better.

To those of you that have tried to call me, we are not permitted to have cell phones on the floor so I keep it turned off and in many cases forget to turn it on. Please be patient with all the changes, all the passion I put into my trail is the same passion I put into my job. Thanks for the concerns and have a geat day.

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