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Although I don't have a bigger boat (ours is 24ft) My Dad gave me the best advice regarding docking (though I like DockRocker's advice too!). He told me to SLOW DOWN! Approach the dock SLOWLY. You're not in a hurry, you're on a boat. Why such a hurry to get off the boat? If you have to back down cause the wind is pushing you into something, do it, swing around and try it again.

I wish I would have done a bit more training, I still suck at docking. Although I have to commend Emerald City Harbor. We bought our boat from them and the Salesman included a few hours of "practice" with a liscenced captain! (for a 24ft!!!) The guy took the boat out, handed over control to me and had me do all sorts of things to get better acquainted with it. Then he had me docking in and out of slips at Jeff Beach for an hour or so. HUGE help!

Anyways, the best way is ask the dealer you buy from, or get a buddy who knows his stuff.

Just don't ask me; unless you don't value that new boat!
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