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QUOTE(Advantage_Rob @ Jun 25 2003, 03:50 PM)Just keep these words in mind: NEUTRAL IS YOUR FRIEND

My advice with twins, pull to the dock as lined up as possible, and put it in neutral, with the wheel straight, then dont turn it, and coast in. If needed, do all of your adjustment with forward or reverse, and dont touch the throttle, just use forward and reverse to move the boat where you want it, a little practice and you'll see twins are way easier to control than a single. Just small bursts of "in gear" time, coasting in neutral, put it in gear for 3 seconds to keep it going forward, back to neutral, and so on.

If I gotta drive a single, you're gonna see me on here posting on how to dock a single engine boat.
Good advice Rob and I agree about a single. I think I would have a helluva time trying to dock a single after having twins for so long.
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