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Who's Fishing What?

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I know this was somewhat covered in other posts....but who is fishing what trails? GNT, BFL, Everstart, Canadian Open, etc? Right now I'm slated for:

-GNT SE...kicking off in Sandusky
-Everstart...conflicts with 3 of the 4 tournaments but I'm definately fishing Sandusky, the others are touch and go.
-Canadien Open - If I can't fish Everstart
-Of course the St. Clair openers
-And probably the 6-28 BFL on St. Clair.

Really curious to see who's coming out to Sandusky???? Can't wait.
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Right now I'm planning on doing the BFL. Anything else will depend on how much time I have!
I will be fishing the Michigan Federation, GNT "Top Gun", all the opens I can squeeze in on St Clair, and maybe the GNT Tuesday night on Clair.

BFL, Michigan Federation Classic Series, maybe Detroit River EverStart and State Championship, fall opens on Cass Lake if they don't conflict
i dont know exactly what clubs i am fishing, but i am doing the canadian open for sure, i want to do all the bfl except the one that conflicts with canadian open. nbaa tuesday nights st clair. and whatever else i can afford. do you guys all fish as boaters? if so, maybe ill end up as your co-angler in one of the bfl tourneys. ill bring the coffee and donuts! but u have to promise not to throw me over

madman himself
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I have been looking at the G.N.T. S.E. and G.N.T. Erie Thursday night, a boater. And if I'm on fish I will fish them all.

I.S.G. Pro Staff
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Forgot about the Federation State Championship......

Might try the Canadian Open too.

Yes I fish as a boater (when I have

OK Alex, take it easy on me bud . . . . . .
Lets see, tournaments . . . . . . .

Everstart: Lake Erie Port Clinton / Detroit River
Various Opens: LSC
Tuesday Nite Trail with Mini - Gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.
Basically If I'm on'um then I'm fishin'
But you know thats a not very common for me lol.

Gonna enjoy Sag. Bay Large Head fishing. Really enjoyed flipp'in for'em.
Take a trip out to Burt/Mullet always wanted to fish their.

State Championship
That's about it for now . . . . . . .
Their are you happy now Alex . . . . I'll try to stay out of your way.
Don't you just love reaction baits. lol
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Oooooooooooo......your mean. I may need to rethink some things
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BFL, Federation Classic Series & State Championship
Everstart Detroit River-maybe depending on $$$
Triton Owners Tournament IV

As many GNT Tuesday's as I can...

Some of the LSC Closed's (that's what I call em...everyone else call's em open's)

State Championship

B.A.S.S. Northern Divisional...

Club Tournies...
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Dave, do you have a BASS northern divisional schedule for 03'?

The one I'm fishing is the one the State Team goes to in Midland...Not the B.A.S.S. Open circuit....

I don't know if that schedule is out...haven't been following too closely.


I just check the B.A.S.S. site and they don't list any of the 2003 open schedules probably already knew this...

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Never really fished tournaments before (1 charity and 2 company), so I'm gonna start slow. GNT Northeast and some of the GNT Wednesdays.

Can go wrong with that toadhunter, Doug will treat you right
We may be carrying augers for the Sandusky GNT's.
Since I'm a Canuck
I'll be fish'n

1. Essex County BassAnglers -7 in all .
2. Swoba Opener and a couple FALL Challenges.
3. Maybe the Open.

Bring on the soft water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Michigan BASS Federation Classic Series & State Championship.
Opens? Good question, depends on what is happening when.
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