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window screens in cabin pain in butt

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??? any suggestions , things are a pain doesnt seem to want to stay in. i get one part in and other pops out.
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ok give me the money and i will , i need enough for at least a 30 ft
whgat kind are they? the ones with the spring wire?
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some cheap arse material . screen wire but out side is or outer rim is like carboard or cheap arse thing , i tried getting thing in buddy tried and wife tried when we were sober no less ... will have marina do it tired of messing with but would have been nice to see how the heck they do it.
what kind of boat and what window screen? hatch or porthole window?
port hole window on a regal commadore , 1999 in the cabin ...
if they are the ovals, usually squeezing the top and bottom will pop it in...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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