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Hi everyone!I just moved here from the Flint area and love it.I just joined the forum on satuday and love everything in here!Im glad there is a place for boaters to enjoy each other off the lake.

I own a "99" 22' Powerquest Targa cuddy with a Taylormade windshield .The windshield hinge has the metal rod in it at the split and everytime it works its way up and i dont notice it.Well now i carry a hammer to tap it down everytime and I need to fix my cover that now has a hole in it .Any one have a suggestion on how to keep it down.And if anyone else has a targa ,I would love to say hi.

This will be my first time boating on LSC. Looking forward to making new friends and enjoying a few weekends with everyone.

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a lot of go fasters here...I'm sure you'll get your answer.

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I have the same kind of problem on my boat on a hatch that raises on the dash. It has a piano hinge with a rod that works itself out about an inch or so on one side. I was thinking of removing the hatch with the hinge, tapping the rod into the hinge, and cutting 1/4 - 3/8" off the outer "sleeve" on both ends. That will give me access to both ends of the rod when it's in place. I'm not sure if I'll just bend both ends to keep it in place, or thread them and put some sort of locknut on it. I'm in the "I've got to do something about this" stage, but still trying to figure it out. I won't be trying this for another month or so, but I'll let you know if it works.

Welcome to the board!
Welcome Rumpshaker! You have joined at a great time. Spring time. You will find that there will be a lot of help when it comes to boating with this group. A lot of great people here.
Gary thanks for the welcome I appreciate it.

Bill please tell me what you figured out when you get around to doing it.Im getting the boating itch real bad
the snow on monday is depressing but we will get there.
Im thinking of just trying to take the rod out and shorten it about a half inch on each side and fill the remaining area with some epoxy so it cant slide up and down.

Convincor ,if thats you in that picture ,I need some lessons on drivng if you ever have the time .I have only been on small lakes all my life and I think im in for a treat if I hit a rouge wave at 65 .I did my homework somewhat
when I bought the boat but I dont know what its capable of in the waves.I have a feeling this year im gonna find out who the real man is and i bet the boat wins a few times!
I won't lie, there have been a few rollers out there that have shaken my teeth to the back of my mouth, but after a year on the lake, you will learn how to control the boat more on this lake. And, handle the chop a bit better.
It's all fun.

No, that's not me in the pic, but I have seen some air in my day. That's when the wife slugs me in the arm. All teary eyed.
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Hey, I like that idea. Shortening it and filling the ends would look cleaner. Maybe a small machine bolt in the ends to keep it in... Got me thinking again.
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