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winter storage

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We sold our boat last weekend, well got a nice deposit at least. They pick it up next week. I am trying to find some threads on where people store for the winter. I know I have read them before just not finding them.

It is time to start shopping for something bigger, but since we were on a trailer before I need to figure out my budget and shop accordingly. I need to figure in a bigger slip, more for winter storage, and probably shrinkwrapping.
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While I would like to assist with this thread, the words 'Winter storage' should not be thought, talked, uttered, read, dreamt, looked for until about l mid to late September

Just like the words, Boat cradle, winterization, red pop, shrink wrap, bubblers, haul out, hoist, frost bite rendezvous, engine fogging, etc.
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I know, I didnt even want to bring it up. But I need it for boat shopping.

shame on me.
If you want reasonable price, but not on pavement, sun up has a very large yard.
Thanks, I'll check it out.
Here's few of my 2009 prices at Sassy Marina.. 31 ft Flybridge, 13ft beam..
-Outside Winter storage $660 (includes Haul & Launch, bottom wash) 10% off if hauled and paid before 10/1.
-Shrink wrap by Impressions Marine $325
-Inside heated Winter Storage abt $2200
-Summer wells start at around $1600 and go up.. smallest wells are 12'x30' (approx), mine's called a 15' x 40'.
Dockage includes free pump-outs as needed, and free storage of your "water toys"

Sassy's also offers rack storage (inside/heated) at resonable rates, one price for whole year, with some restrictions on haul and launch dates.

Sassy's prices for other sizes.. Multiply Max LOA (pulpit fore to swim platform tail) x Max Beam x price
Inside htd storage..
---up to 26'11"... $3.95/sq ft
---27' to 42'....... $5.40/sq ft
---42' to 55'....... $5.95/sq ft
---55' and up..... $6.95/sq ft

Outside storage..
---up to 26'11"... $1.60/sq ft
---27' to 42'....... $1.60/sq ft
---42' to 55'....... $1.80/sq ft
There are a lot of lower prices out there... compare Security on site, easy acess, facilities, and where you plan to do your boating (I much prefer to put a few extra miles on the car vs on the boat). I happen to like being on the North Channel.. when weather acts up, I don't have to cross the lake, just make it into any of the channels. It's also where I do most of my boating.
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