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A neighbor of mine has an old sea-sprite with a Mercruiser 140 in it. I believe this is the iron duke motor, am I correct? Anyway, i'm helping him winterize it (he's not mechanically inclined) and I'm wondering if there's anything specific to this motor that I need to be concerned about.

Can anyone share some pointers on winterizing? I did an internet search and saw mention of some drain plugs on the outdrive as well as the engine, and mention of 3 drains on the engine (block, manifold, exhaust elbow). I found the drains on the block and manifold for him, didn't see one on the elbow though.

My plan is to do just as I do with my 502 - drain it out, pour in a little antifreeze, stabilize the fuel, fog it, and call it a day. Anything else I need to be aware of on this motor?
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