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Wixom area lakes

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We were thinking of holding a tournament (bass) up at Sanford, or Wixom this year. Opted not to. We are from down by the Ohio border. None of us have been on either. I seen on anouther post you are from that area. Is either one worth the trip to hold an event on? How are the ramps? Parking? Weigh in area? Holloway res. up that way look nice also. How is that?
Our schedule is set this year. I'm just thinkin ahead for future events. Any information would be great.
Thanks gnewski
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gnewski, please be aware that any tournament in the state needs to get a permit from the MI DNR. Please adhere to this as it helps reflect the fishing pressure any given body of water recieves for management purposes.


BTW Wixom is a blast....BIG largemouths and lots of smallies. Sanford can be good too, although my sucess there is limited. There are a ton of nice lakes up there on the Tittibawasee and Tobacco chains. There is info available from the DNR on state ramps.

Thanks for the info. For the record, this is our 5th season. We get permits for all of our events in Michigan. We have been fishing out of Sandusky Oh. also, But don't need permits there.
Some of the lakes look great up there (Wixom area) from what i've seen from aerial photos and contour maps.

Thanks again gnewski5

That's one of the reasons we are not fishing Wixom, Holloway, or Sanford. We had such a hard time getting permits for these lakes.
Why did you have a hard time pulling permits?

Try Secord Lake. Just up the chain from Wixom and I feel is better fishing.

If you are tring to get permits now, the popular weekends may be taken. The DNR begins accepting applications 1 January for the coming year. If you want to fish a lake but can't get a permit, look for a private launch site. Permits are not required from those, but you may have other tournament anglers on the lake that launched at the DNR sites.
Hey boatnfish, don't give out all the secrets...

Okay, Secord is awesome but can be tough. My question about that really is "where is everyone launching now up there?"

The DNR ramp at Wixom isn't very big for how popular it is. It gets filled early on most weekends. Might be okay if you get there early and don't have many boats, but I guess the weekends fill up fast there. I don't know if the other ramps are still open up there at the party store and the campground? The marina (Sundog?) at the dam has launched small tournaments in the past. Not sure if that is still an option.

Only been to Sanford once. My old club launched at a small ramp at the end of an 'alley' next to run down buildings. I don't even remember where it was for sure. Don't remember much about the ramps there.

They are all fun lakes to fish. Go in the fall if you want to get the most toads and have the least problem with permits.

Holloway has a huge ramp, but the fishing is not awesome for bass. It can be good for a boat or two, but many anglers will struggle. The reservoir does not have a lot of cover. I think a major brushpile project could do wonders for that place over the long run.
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i dont actually live near Wixom Lake. i live in the city of wixom which is in between milford/brighton and novi. if you have ever traveled down I96 west heading towards US23 and noticed the big Ford palnt on the side of the express way, thats wixom. not too many lakes in wixom, but there are some great lakes in the surrounding areas. Kent Lake, Pontiac Lake, Cass Lake, White Lake, Tipsico Lake, Woodland Lake, Lake Chemung to name a few, are all just a short drive. but i have never been up to wixom lake, heard lots about it, but never been there. sorry bro.

madman himself
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I didn't do the actual leg work on getting the permits for these lakes but did hear about it. Seemed like every channel the tournament director went through the more hassle he received. Large $$$ for deposits, proof of insurances, and countless phone calls.

We decided (thank GOD) to do St. Clair instead. Took 1 phone call and we were in. Got to like that!!
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For some reason it was just a big run around. Call so in so. no, not here, call this number. Oh, you need to talk to.....ect. ect. Between Wixom, Sanford and Holloway, I had 10 different phone numbers. Holloway also wanted a check for $200.00 (refundable after the event) for damage and clean up.(if needed), and proof of insurance for $500,000 to$1,000,000 with Gennessee co. parks and rec. on that policy. I wasn't going that route.
As stevie1 stated earlier, it worked out better anyway, we're going back to Saint Clair. I might have to wet a line up at Wixom and Sanford this summer and check them out.
Thanks gnewski5
Mini, there is one good thing to all this.

When Newski gets on the lake, the water level will definately rise!!
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Or go down when I put a hole in the bottom of your boat and it sucks all the water out of the lake.

We're havin fun now.
If it is insurance liabiltity that they want, call BASS (provided your club is a member) and have them mail you a form. Some sites require that they be named on it, others don't. That is free from BASS. When I have pulled permits before it seemed to be the local parks that required the insurance forms and not the DNR.

Permits are inexpensive with the MI DNR. For a club event (closed) 1-15 boats should be $10, 16-25 boats $25.
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