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Wonderland Tounament

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I am wondering if anyone has any details from the tounament. Thank you all in advance.
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I fished it and I can give some details....although not complete.

23.06 won it. Hayward....aewsome.
10 place was right at 19 pounds. 20th place (last check) was 17.99 pounds. Big bass was 6.31....good for $1160.

We only had two fish, poor excecution. Had the 6 bites we wanted in Erie but lost 4. Our biggest was close to 5 pounds. Really thought we had a chance on winning in Erie. Caught 2 5's and a 4 on Friday without even trying.
Hats off to Dave Mitter and all the people at Wonderland for another great event.

Just wanted to send out a Congrats to Rob Barta and his partner Kieth. (Took 3rd) Good job guys you deserve it!
Hal Graham was fishing with Hayward. 23.40 I believe, unreal, great job guys!! I agree with Mini, Wonderland put on another great event!
I believe it was another victory for the Poor Boys Goby? Great job guys!
I finally got the picture of the big one from Sat off my phone. Here is my partner Don with it....lost 4 others like her.
Hey Whitie,
Note to self for future tounaments that you spend over two hundred dollars to enter. Bring spare plugs with you so you can actually participate in the tounament when and if you find your partners are foul. J/K Buddy! Those are the breaks. You will get them next time.
At least someone in the family took the money Dock. The is no way we could have caught 21 lb.s. At least we have a excuse for not caughting fish. My Skeeter was looking awfully good at about 8:00. I guarantee my partner will have a extra set of plugs in the future.
WOW 114 boats and some good weights, good job guys it's funny they only had 38 of the boats they sell the. I wonder why. Looks like Ranger dominated the field.
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38? It sure seemed more than that to me. Yes there were a lot of Ranger's, but I would say that Stratos had the most boats.

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