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Wonderland Tourney update

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The winning wieght for satudays event was 19.82 lbs. big bass was about 5 1/2 lbs. Great turnout 133 boats! (i wasn't one of them, i helped at the weight in.) Thanks to Dave atWonderland and Frank at Complete Battery Source for putting on a great show. Will be fishing in next years!! Ray
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Congrats to Pat Schwierking (Stratman) and Dave Springs on your victory! Great sack of fish! You guys deserve it!

Thanks Bryan,

Dave and I had a great tournament. We caught 8 keepers, Lost 1 and Culled 1. We figured we had enough to crack the top 10 but were completely shocked we won the tournament. Caught our fish Carolina rigging Erie Darters from Dave caught a nice 4-pounder carolina rigging a senko. Most of our fish came in 18 - 23 feet of water. Hopefully they'll still be there for the Everstart! Congrats to everyone one else at the Wonderland tournament that cashed a check. Thanks to Wonderland for putting on a great event!

Best regards,

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