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Work drive commute

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I am 15.7 miles from work, Today it took me
1hour 18 minutes to get home !!!!!

Yesterday it took 1 hour 5 minutes !!!

This is getting out of hand, why do people drive so d*mn sh*tty !!!!???
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I drive 32 miles to work and depending on traffic the drive time can range from.

50 minutes if it's a good day.
1hr. 30 min. on a bad day.

Now if it was all expressway, I could run it in about 30 minutes by just leaving early in the morning.
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105 miles one way, only 90 minutes but right now I only drive it twice a week! Sux being away from Jewels and Little Tree all week though.

After we move, it will be about 48 miles, 44 highway, and almost all against the major traffic. Figure about 40 minutes with the cruise set on 80!
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jeez and I thought my measely 1/2 hour was a pain...
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might be 44
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About 14 miles.

Any where from 20min to an hour. <_<
10 minutes mostly, 15 minutes on a bad day to MCC. I have driven three hours for Dolphin though. The typical Dolphin Drive is about 1/2 hour.
Takes me about 22 1/2 hours to get to the Houston office....or about 5 hours by plane including to and from the airport.

Made quite a few drives to southern Indiana only to get stood up for a meeting. THAT sux.

About 15 minutes to the launch @ Harley the rest of the time!
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8 miles! anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes...depending if somone decides to jump off a bridge.
Oxford to Troy, 23 miles 45 minutes to an hour. Worst was 3 hours during one of our last snow storms.

My company is moving to a new building in Lake Orion in September.

Oxford to Lake Orion, 5 miles door to door. SWEET!!!
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2 seconds to get from my bed to my desk - not a bad commute

For you peeps that do the daily grind, I feel for you bc sitting in traffic is so unproductive and irritating at times. But hey, you've got a commute which means you are employed which means you have a consistent paycheck. When you're sitting in traffic frustrated try to give thanks for having a job that you get to commute to.
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35 miles one way. Algonac to 16 & Coolidge.
1hr in the AM & 1.5hr going home.
3 hours to my door 'cuz I stop at The Sand Bar for a few sodas.
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38 miles one way...

45 minutes to an 1 1/2 hours depending on traffic and weather.

Average time usually 50 minutes...

And I sing all the way to work with songs on the radio or my cd's.
I don't know the mileage but it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour....
I live 17.8 miles from work, in the morning it takes 35-45 minutes usually. In the afternoon, it takes 35 min to 1 hour. I live at 16 mile in Harrison Twp, I work at 15 and Stephenson Hwy. Now if I take 15 or 16 home it's usually 55 minutes to an hour, but if I completely go out of my way by taking 75 south to 696 east to 94 east, which is about 10 extra miles, I average 35 minutes. Our office is moving to Crooks and Square Lake...not looking forward to that drive AT ALL!!
QUOTE(The Perfect Fit @ Apr 16 2004, 06:00 AM)And I sing all the way to work with songs on the radio or my cd's.
I hope your considerate to your fellow commuters and keep your windows up!
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28 miles one way from armada to warren tech center

40-45min in am
50-1 hr in pm
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