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World's #1 Lure

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This is a sure way to catch fish. Using a # 2 or # 3 Mepps lure tied direct with 4lb. fireline on a berkley lightning rod and shimano spirex 1000 reel will catch various fish. This combo works and is affordable. Rainbow color mepps and the platium color seams to work best but any mepps #2 or#3 will work. Best in shallower water. ( 2-8 ft.) Cast that baby out and about 5 feet before the lure hit's the water click the spinning reel and start the retrieve. This takes the slack out and keeps the lure off the bottom. Ajust your retrieve accordingly. Have fun Enjoy. and take a kid fishing. h2o OR USE A ALLSTAR ROD........
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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