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I don't post often however "Boasty" represents an opportunity to show our appreciation to the fine man and women who serve in our country's military. Boasty was established as a national program by a guy in the Chicago area wherein boaters join the site, register their boat and offer the opportunity to our active service people to spend a day on the water with you as the host. Branden DeBuhr, the boasty founder, devotes his time to this effort to say thank you to our service people in a way that most would enjoy. I'm taking an active Marine that recently returned from duty in Iraq and his wife out for the day on my boat. Really looking forward to offering a nice day on the water.
This program is getting some traction with exposure in in the past few months in most boating magazines, in the Army, Navy and Marine Times newspapers and other publications. The "net" is pretty much a flag waving bunch of good people that could find a new way to say thanks to our service people who protect us and our way of life. The web site goes into the details much better than I have.

Bill Veit
Jefferson Beach Marina
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