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PQ Boys,
The boats look great!!! You know I'm just
gooofin with ya!!! I wish I had time to put three
coats of wax on my Formula!!! No really as
Rico would say...."Pretty Impressive"


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Nice looking boats!!!! The crew's not bad either.

Congratulations Mark, I remember looking at Powerquest with you years ago..... I'm glad you got your wish!

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Nice looking PQ's. We had a 34 PQ Vyper before current boat.

Almost bought a loaded 2003 PQ 38 last summer with 500 EFI's. It was a very tough decision, but we decided to try something diff't with a sport cruiser. I'm happy with 53 mph in the 400 SS.

I hear PQ was looking at making a 39 sport cruiser similar to the 32.

I still miss the days off hauling a$$ around the lake though.

Boats look great, I know we passed the 38 sunday at metro beach coming in while we headed out.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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