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Hey guys, i need some input here. I have quite a bit of stuff and the weather forecast is not looking very good at all. 60% chance of rain with possible heavy down pours. This is just too much stuff to try and run back into the garage. Especially with an injured foot.

I figured I'd ask for some LSCN input.

Due to the condition of my driveway i have to do this next door at my uncles outside. I was thinking of just posting a general list of things i have here and if any LSCN'rs are interested in stopping by you have first dibbs. I'm planning on being home anyway.

Rain date is the weekend of August 13
Give me a little time to walk through and write down the stuff i have. and I'll post it.
PM me if you want to stop over and I'll send you my #
Hey this is my 3000 post

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I have a bunch of stuff I'd like to drop off, but I wouldn't be able to until after this weekend, so if you are doing the rain date, will it be cool to bring it over an upcoming weeknight? You may ixnay anything you don't want to deal with, but it's all good stuff. It's piling up at my house because the Purple Gang hasn't been by in a while.

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QUOTE(pirlgirl @ Jul 30 2004, 08:48 AM)the Purple Gang hasn't been by in a while.
Dern it!

I had an error when i replied to this and have to write it again...oh well.

I have heard that a lot about the Purple truck. At least this is still going to charity

Let me know what evening works for you and we can go from there.


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OK, here goes.

I have:

Lots of men's and women's clothes
-Many t-shirts & hats & shoes
-Some casual and some dressy
A set of 6 chairs, 70's style, green
Brown circular table
An ancient stationary bike
Ferret cage
6' valance w/ blinds (needs just a little cleaning)
10' valance
Plastic cheese wedge cat/ferret toy (they actually play in it)
Cordless phone
Computer power bar
Bop-it toy
Dishes & mugs
Smith Corona personal word processor
Portable toilet (medical equipment)
A couple candleholders
Picture frames
CD stands
Over 40 CD's
Stuffed animals
Spices & rack
Knife set
Ironing board
and many misc. items
I also have a microwave, toaster oven and a computer chair that work great but need to be cleaned up. The chair is covered with cat hair, the toaster oven is full of crumbs and I will at best spray the microwave down. I simply dont have the time to clean this stuff up so I'll sell it cheap.
Hey, any contribution is better than a poke in the eye

Thanks for your help everyone. Whoever is interested in any of this stuff now i will be working here from home until 6:00 and then getting ready to go sell raffle tickets for dinner w/playmates at Jacks tonight. I'll be around tomorrow too. PM me if you want to stop by.
Love ya all,

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Alot of cars & sterios still have tape players in them, I don't see why not

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just a reminder that rain date for the yard sale is the weekend of August 13.
The weather man was obviously off on yesterday and today's weather forecast.

That's ok, I've been offered more donations since then


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Well, as of now i have decided to keep the 10' valence but..........

BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!! When i was at hallmark yesterday getting something for my Mom's b-day i saw something that looked familiar. They were in a glass case and cost $75+!!!!!

I have these little ceramic figurines of lighthouses ranging from 4-7 inches tall. there are 2 light houses and one house. I was just going to give them to my aunt who collects lighthouse ANYTHING but didn't get around to it.
I was given these from one of the yachts i work on. Actually, they drove me nuts because they are so detailed that when i tried to clean around them it hurt my hands. The boat owners wife decided to remove them and they were given to me. I was going to try and get $5 each for them but now that i know they're valuable i can ask for more.

New, they're worth about $200. if somebody gives me 1/2 that for the set, we can bring in enough to pay for a lot of help for the little ones

I know there are many charities that need $$ and i help everywhere i can. This one just happens to focused on the animals in need.

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QUOTE(Boss @ Aug 1 2004, 07:26 AM)Dookie,

I have a ton of stuff I was going to drop off at the salvation army....If you want it you can have it.
Thanks, every little thing helps bring in more $$ for the health care and maintenance of these animals.
I'm so thankful to the many people who have contributed. I might end up needing some help doing this, my garage is almost full

Please get in touch with me to set up a day that we can get together this week. forgive my mess here, I've been shuffling EVERYTHING for 2 weeks!
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