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Got a late start, about 930 am . droped lines in about 10 am at Saint Clair Light. Pearch were hitting good about 100 of them , all about 5-6 inch long. 2 keepers at 8 inch
. Weather was great.
wind was light and switched direction about 3 times. Stayed around that area til 4pm . came in and went over by Jenos in 11 foot of water drifting, casting. water was so clear i could see botom. Dont have any Musky lures ,and it was pretty weedy. I put on a cream colored ratel-trap andabout 20 casts later seen something dark follow my lure, and bam hits it at the boat , could not get the hook to set. saw the fish thou
about a three and half foot pike or musky.think the hooks on the lure were too small to get a good set. I also need a better net as not to hurt them for release. Made my day thou. Cant wait to get some lures and go out there and give em hell. came off the water around , long but good day. sunburn ta-boot. tight lines all.
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